Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm a busy housewife ;)

Makin hari makin sibuk. Makin hari makin banyak kerja. Dari surirumah, pembantu bengkel, tukang jahit, buat Apam Polkadot dan lain-lain. But, i'm happy doing out all my responsibilities with my own. Tanpa pertolongan dari sesiapa pun! Although at first, i want to go back to work. Really want! But, when I heart to heart talk with my husband. I've finally made a decision. I'm not only a full-time housewife. I'm a housewife who commits all my responsibility and a woman who wants to achieve her dreams! ;)

Like what my husband said, "Do it seriously. With your whole heart. InsyaAllah, u will make your dreams come true!" Thanks abang. U always be by my side ♥ Really appreciate it.

And now, i'm a busy housewife. Move my steps with my whole heart! May Allah swt will bless me. Wish me all the best ya! ;)

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