Saturday, October 15, 2011

New blog! :)

Hi. Salam all!

This is my new blog. I've already have a blog before this. But has been deleted because of certain reasons. Why? Hahaa! Let it be my secret OK! ;) Oppss! I'm Malaysians! So, I must speak the Malay language is it not? Hheee cintailah bahasa kebangsaan kita! ;) *Proud to be Malaysian! ;)* But in my blog, any of my entry i will use Malay and English language. Sebab bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa kebangsaan negara kita dan bahasa Inggeris pula ada bahasa international. Boleh kan? Hhhuuu :) OK lah, nanti update lagi! Ada kerja nak diuruskan. Bye! :D

Thank for reading. Do comment and LIKE :)


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